Birth Doula Services

Everything is possible with the right support


The following prenatal, labor, and immediate postpartum services are due at time of hire or during the 1st prenatal.


As a Birth Doula, Heidi wants to empower and support you and your loved ones until you meet the newest edition to your growing family! She offers up to 4 prenatal meetings which include...

  1. Discussing your Birth Plan/Birth Preferences

  2. Discussing the many options for birthing your baby

  3. Discussing pros/cons of most labor interventions

  4. Debriefing/practicing MANY MANY comfort measures and practicing labor and delivery positions. Spinning Babies Techniques will be incorporated throughout all your prenatals

  5. Providing information centered around your rights as a laboring parent (and family) as well as printed resources that she has personally put together to help guide you during the end of your pregnancy and into your initial postpartum months

  6. Discussing what to expect during labor AND postpartum at a hospital birth, a home birth, or birth center birth

  7. Postpartum wellness tips (sitz bath, bone broth/vegetable broth, Postpartum Vaginal Steaming, Postpartum Doula, how the partner can care and support the birth parent postpartum)

  8. Practicing and reading various visualizations that work for both the birth parent and partner

  9. Practicing birth education exercises given by your birth educator (Bradley Method, Hypnobirthing, Hypnobabies, Lamaze, Birth from Within, etc.)

  10. Encouraging and discussing Holistic healing methods the birth parent could receive during pregnancy and postpartum to give them the best possible chance for a safe passage into labor and recovery after birth (Pelvic Floor Therapy, Acupuncture, Herbs, Myofascial Release, Ayurvedic Medicine, Vaginal Steaming, Rolfing [Structural Integration], The Bloom Method, Chiropractic adjustments, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Naturopathic Doctors, etc.)

  11. HANDS on prenatal games to engage both partners in learning about pregnancy, labor, and birth and HANDS on practice for coping with labor sensations

  12. OPTIONAL Holistic and Spiritual counseling if both partners are in need of this type of guidance. Her training comes from personal experience, reading endless self help books, and her education in Holistic Health at SFSU

  13. Offering holistic and nutritional counseling along with herbal infusions to support your body and womb (Stinging Nettle, Red Clover, Red Raspberry Leaf)

  14. During your last prenatal, she offers a Loving Touch Massage (for birth parent only) and a Guided Meditation for both partners to prepare your mind, body, and soul for the day you hold your newborn in your arms

  15. Before labor begins you can text or call Heidi at anytime day or night and she will return all messages about any questions, concerns, or times you have planned to meet. She is on call from week 37 until the birth of your baby. There will have a backup Birth Doula available to you if there is a rare chance she misses your labor.

Prenatal $ Fees $ Breakdown-

  • $130 for each Prenatal visit. Each visit lasting 2 hours catered to the client's needs and the relationship being established to build trust with the entire birth team


Once your labor begins Heidi can be there for you in Early Labor (or anytime you are ready for her support) and stay with you 2-3 hours after the completion of your birth. She offers emotional, physical, spiritual, and informational support during your entire pregnancy and labor. Once you are in labor, you will work together using techniques, labor positions, and materials discussed and utilized during prenatals. During your time together immediately following the birth of your baby, she will support you with initial breastfeeding and making sure you are receiving the care that is best suitable for your needs from your care providers

  1. Advocating for you and encouraging your health care providers to follow the Birth Plan as close as possible

  2. Repeat affirmations to you and encourage you to use them during labor

  3. Help support you in finding labor positions that feel comfortable during the different stages of labor

  4. Work with Spinning Babies Techniques if labor stalls, baby is stuck, or if there is a shift in the body that needs to occur to bring baby further down

  5. Encourage and work with you to use the mindset and skills you utilized and prepared for during your Birth Education classes (Bradley Method, Hypnobirthing, Hypnobabies, Lamaze, Birth from Within, etc.)

  6. Breathing together during most of your surges. Helping you find the breath that is most supportive for your body and baby

  7. Supporting your partner in supporting you! Coaching your partner to be physically and emotionally engaged with you during labor

  8. Guide you through Visualizations we practiced during prenatals

  9. Make our way through various Labor Coping Techniques discussed during prenatals (horselips, "shaking the apples", OMing, loose jaw, Rebozo, massage, shower, bath, creating ritual, head scratches, counter pressure, etc...)

  10. Advocating for your baby to receive new infant care from health care providers that feels aligned with you and your family soon after baby is born

  11. Encouraging immediate breastfeeding

  12. Supporting initial parent baby bonding. Respecting and giving space for you to experience the GOLDEN HOUR with family

Labor $ Fees $ Breakdown-

  • $700 Labor has no time line or specific pattern. Every birth is truly unique and has ranges of normalcy within its labor patterns. She does not want to put a time limit on the care that she offers during labor, therefore her flat fee is 700$ no matter the duration. Being on call as your Birth Doula from week 37 up until the birth of your baby and having a backup Birth Doula available and on call for you is part of this fee

Immediate Postpartum~

Heidi will meet you once postpartum (within one week following the birth of your newborn) to debrief about your birth.  During this 2-3 hour time window, she will offer...

  1. Breastfeeding support

  2. A chance for the entire birth team (birth parent, partner, additional family members, and Doula) to process the birth together

  3. Teaching you how to sooth your new baby and to answer any of the birth parent's healing questions

  4. Holistic healing support (herbal infusions to support the womb postpartum- either Stinging Nettle, Red Clover, or Red Raspberry Leaf). IF you ordered extra postpartum services, then she will set up your first Postpartum Vaginal Steam session and/or bring you the first batch of Bone/Vegetable broth soups

  5. A helping hand with anything you (and your partner) might need. She offers light house cleaning and or grocery shopping

  6. She will engage you and your partner in understanding and responding to new infant cues in order for you to respond accordingly to your baby's most primal needs

  7. Present a typed up Birth Story for the new family if you chose to pay for this additional service

  8. Provide you with photos she took of the birth which gives us a chance to trade photos. She may ask to use some of your photos on her Website, Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, or my Google Home page. You can choose to opt out of her posting photos of your Birth

  9. A chance to ask for a review to post on her social media platforms

Postpartum $ Fees $ Breakdown-

  • $130 for your postpartum visit together

 Birth Story~

After the completion of your birth, Heidi provides a typed up Birth Story to you in your follow up postpartum visit. This story allows you to recall memories of the birth that might have been missed or forgotten during the throws of labor. This allows you to reconnect with your beautiful labor experience from a 3rd party point of view. She includes the times of events, what she notices in her interaction with your body, your partner, your family, your care providers, and your new baby. She includes the baby's full name, date and time of birth, and the journey it took to meet the newest edition of your family unit

Birth Story $ Fees $ breakdown-

  • $50 for about 2 pages and a space on her birth blog

Postpartum Doula Services

Everything is possible with the right support


Postpartum Doula~ Fees are due upon her arrival at each postpartum visit

As your Postpartum Doula Heidi wants to make sure you have great care in your home within the first few days, weeks, and months into your postpartum time as a new family. Let her help support you by offering...

  • Prepared meals and food to be frozen or refrigerated

  • Caring for baby during times when parents need to either rest, shower, eat, sleep, spend time with older siblings, or take a break

  1. Diaper Changing: clothe or regular diapers

  2. Putting baby down for a nap or to bed

  3. Bottle feeding/ support during breastfeeding

  4. Soothing baby

  5. Watching over baby

  • Light house cleaning (dishes, laundry, feeding animals, organizing living spaces, grocery shopping, run errands, clean sheets on parent's bed)

  • Making and providing herbal infusions

  • Preparing and implementing holistic healing for the birth parent (sitz bath, Postpartum Vaginal Steams, bone/vegetable broth, etc...)

  • Draw the birth parent a warm bath or provide basic massage for emotional and physical relief

  • Breakfast in bed for both parents to sustain bonding with baby and/or to support breastfeeding if complications arise

  • Provide informational support and referrals out to other health care providers

  • Spend time with siblings so the birth parent and partner can bond with baby. Tending to sibling’s old routines and care to help stabilize some of the emotions that may arise from having a new family member in the home

  • Emotional support using Non Violent Communication, reflective listening, and remaining non judgmental

  • Supporting the birth parent’s individual and specific needs. Honoring their choices as the birth parent

  • Supporting the entire family unit as they transition with the new baby

  • Newborn circumcision care

  • Giving baby a bath

  • Newborn umbilical cord care

Postpartum Doula $ Fees$ Breakdown-

  • $25 an hour for day time shift

    $30 an hour for overnight shifts

  • 4 hours minimum for day time shifts and 9 hours minimum and maximum for overnight shifts


~“The First Forty Days” & “The Fourth Trimester” reflects the postpartum approach she will carry through with you~