My experience with Birth #5

I met my client through a Midwife referral list from the South Coast Midwifery Birthing Center. She was my youngest client being only 24 years old. I found out she was taking Bradley Method birth classes and had been working on the techniques she was learning all throughout her pregnancy. Our first prenatal was at a small little park in the middle of a round-about in Old Town Orange. I went over her birth plan, labor positions, and gave a loving touch massage. I felt as though her partner was going to be a more hands off support during her labor. We bonded well and it seemed as though she was doing everything she could to prepare to give birth successfully at the birthing center. During our second prenatal I wanted to emphasize with her that every woman labors differently and that she might change in personality a bit. I wanted her partner to understand that there is nothing to take personally during a woman's labor. I gave her a massage and a guided visualization. The visualization consisted of creating a safe space around the South Coast Midwifery birthing center and the staff (birth team). We went over the hip squeeze and massage that her partner could offer her in labor. I also found out that she was in prelabor and dilated 3cm. So i knew her birth was coming soon.

A week later she went into early labor in the early morning so I prepared her fresh watermelon juice and essential oil wash clothes. By the time she called me to come over she was already in a 311 pattern and we quickly rushed off to the birthing center. I initially guided her in taking deep breaths and to breathe into her baby. This seemed to help until we decided to leave the house. When we got to the birthing center she was already dilated 10cm and had experienced all of transition at home and mostly alone. I kept her in her practice of breathing out through open loose lips with a relaxed jaw and throat. When she got into the birth tub she felt as though she needed to poop so we guided her to go along with those sensations and push if she felt like it. I think she was afraid to push thinking she would just only poop. I kept encouraging her to breath calmly and to push with each new sensation to bare down. She gave birth in the water just as she had hoped. She gave birth within two hours of entering the birthing center and she pushed out her ROP baby quickly. We were shocked by her power and ability to push out a baby so quickly in this position. She only tore a little which was her biggest fear. But she seemed okay with the entire birth experience. She remained in great spirits while she was stitched back together and cleaned off by one of the nurturing Midwives at South Coast. During her breastfeeding time her baby wouldn't latch because it kept reverting back into a deep peaceful sleep. So the chief baby catcher gave my client some nipple shields to assist in breast feeding later. After the baby woke up from the initial 5 hours of restful sleeping, the baby started latching without nipple shields. I really enjoyed working with her because she truly incorporated her Bradley Method Birthing classes into her daily life as a pregnant woman. She integrated a highly nutritious meal plan and squatted all the time in her day to day routine.

When I visited my client postpartum, she was struggling with sleep because she wanted to be fully available for her baby to breastfeed. I suggested that she rest when her baby naps. She struggled with maintaining good back support while breastfeeding and I showed her that she could stack a bunch of pillows behind her back as well as under her arms. She expressed that she was dealing with a lot of nipple pain and tenderness. When I left her a few hours later, I purchased a super clean nipple cream for her that could be ingested by the infant without any side effects. Mother Love Nipple Cream is the best on the market as far as I know.