My Experience with Birth # 11: "Birth Story"

My client's met me about a month before the delivery of their baby boy. Mama was working toward experiencing a vaginal birth since this was going to be the only child she would have with her partner. They both wanted to have a healthy low risk pregnancy and laboring process. I told them that I could help them along this journey! Mama formed a strong birth team that included herself, her partner, their very good friend, and me. Everyone was on the same page and completely supported mama in her birth wishes. We had 4 extensive prenatals before the upcoming birth. Information, ideas, knowledge, and friendship were shared in each meeting. With every visit to mama's OBGYN, she understood her pregnancy to be quite healthy and baby to be healthy and happy too. Therefore, they could continue with allowing labor to occur spontaneously.

As time got closer and closer to mama's due date, excitement, worry, anticipation, and antsiness set in. I reminded mama that both baby and mama were healthy and that her baby boy knows when he is ready to come earth side. Mama felt aligned with this guidance and chose to wait by showing a great deal of patients and trust toward her new baby boy. While the couple eagerly waited and put everything together for the day her body decided to go into spontaneous labor, mama experienced a full week of prodromal labor. Her body was learning to open. Slowly and beautifully it did! I came to check on Theresa’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being the day before her waters released. Everyone was in good spirits that day! Luckily their good friend was there to spend time with mama when I arrived. I had all three of us go outside to talk about releasing any emotional past traumas that occured in mama's past. We formed a sacred woman’s circle to honor this mama as a new mother and to bring a sense of safety into her heart.  I did some mild body work and adjustments on mama while her partner made lunch for everyone. It was a very connecting time for everyone.

The next day in the afternoon, mama's waters released and she felt as though she was definitely in early labor. Her doctor told her she was 4cm dialated with 50% effacement. What good news for a first time mother! The couple went on a good walk after dinner and noticed that mama was starting to progress more into her labor. The family contacted me to let me know of the news and that they felt that tonight would be the night they would finally meet their baby boy. I reassured them that they should call the hospital to let the hospital staff know that mama’s water’s released and that she might be coming into the hospital shortly. I told them that if they wanted to stay at home to labor for a while it would be a good idea to check her temperature every half an hour and to pay attention to baby’s movements. Instead they chose to go to the hospital an hour and a half later to check on mama’s progress. It was late into the evening when they called me to come join them. I showed up around 11pm at St. Joseph's Hospital. Everyone was in great spirits and hugs were exchanged immediately. While mama’s surges got closer and closer together and becoming stronger and stronger, everyone worked with her to assist with her breathing. Her birth team walked with her, helped her reposition, nourished her, laughed with her, talked with her, and moved with her all throughout her labor. The room was set up beautifully with candle lights and the overhead lights were either dim or off.

As mama was nearing completion, fetal heart tones were being monitored more and more showing an indication of fetal distress. The very helpful hospital staff and mama’s birth team worked tirelessly to help baby’s heart tones stay even. Mama was strong the entire time! She did not complain once! The only indication of discomfort coming from mama was how tired she was. All she wanted to do was sleep. Her body was exhausted from a full week of on and off labor patterns. There was so much love, concern, care, trust, and attention on mama. She was doing beautifully. Her strong spirit and fight came out during her labor and everyone was a witness to it. She stayed focused, hydrated, and relaxed throughout her entire labor. Mama had reached full dialation. When she began to bear down and push her baby out, the fetal heart tones indicated that her baby was having a hard time coping with labor. Her on call OBGYN came in to assist for quite a while to help baby come quickly. To see if the baby could handle the pushing phase. After working with mama and her birth team for quite some time, the decision was made that the next course of action would be a Cesarean. Her partner had everyone leave the room as he talked to mama about the next new step in the birth plan. When everyone came back inside, the birth team stayed close by mama's side while I explained to mama that she is a very strong mother who had come so far with a healthy pregnancy and labor while also reaching 100% complete dialation. She had done all that she could do and now her baby decides the rest of the journey. Once papers were signed and initialed, mama was wheeled off to receive her epidural and anesthesia. her partner and good friend joined mama in surgery and stayed by her side. Their baby boy came into this world weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces on March 28th 2018 at 8:49 am. Her friend took photos of mama meeting baby for the first time. Luckily both mother and baby were healthy and well after the Cesarean. 

I called this mama a day after the birth to see how she was coping with the change in the birth plan. She told me she had completely accepted it. That she had done her research, hired a doula, hired a birth educator to guide, coach, and inform her of everything she needed to know about birth. She felt that with so much knowledge and understanding of birth and how unexpected circumstances can occur, she was able to accept this outcome easily.