My Experience with Birth # 15

I met this mama through some cards I left at Townshends Tea house. She picked up my card, completely resonated with it, and called me up. I was happy to meet up with her for some tea. I felt our Doula client bond was apparent as we continued our conversation. She told me she had been listening to her intuition for some time and felt intuitively that she was meant to find my card. This is my favorite type of interaction. Met with intuition and trust. Our prenatal visits were met with open minds and hearts by both parents. They followed my guidance on practicing positive affirmations, practicing breathing techniques, asking their providers the necessary questions to get ready for their upcoming birth, and learning how to ask for what they need from one another.

The one and only time I texted them was the day before they went into labor. I asked how things were going and knew she was due any day. She reported that they were going to hike Mt. Tabor to get things moving along. Which worked for my pregnant friend just a couple months back. I was confident that this would initiate their labor. The next morning she went into labor at 530a.m. She softly woke her partner in the morning to tell him things had started and he can start getting ready.

Things sped along rather quickly. She went to OHSU and was administered because of how far along she had come. At 12 noon I joined them at the hospital. She was already in active labor with a smile on her face. She took all the wonderful guidance from her support team. She quickly dilated to an 8 and was able to get into a birth tub right in her room. She freely used her primal tones all throughout labor to remain relaxed and open. And open throat is an open cervix and relaxed pelvic floor. Her partner was right by her side making sure water was given to her after every contraction. She labored in many birth positions. Hands and knees, on the toilet, in the tub, lying on her side, standing, and squatting. There was a long moment where she floated calmly in the birth tub letting each wave enter and ebb out of her body. She remained relaxed and at ease in the tub.

After some time laboring in various positions, she began pushing. The nurses guided her body and breath. She is a first time mother and pushing her baby out took about 3 hours. We gave her a ton of encouragement to keep going even though she felt like giving up or felt like she couldn't keep going. We all knew that each mother has more energy reserves in their bodies than they realize. We knew she had a lot more to give during the pushing phase.

We didn't know the gender of the baby so when the baby came out, the father got to announce the sex happily. It was a boy! The mom was able to keep her baby on her during all newborn vitals. Breastfeeding took off as well. I was so happy to assist them along their journey! And to get to see them enter into parenthood together.