Postpartum Doula Services

Everything is possible with the right support

Postpartum Doula~ Fees are due upon her arrival at each postpartum visit

As your Postpartum Doula, Heidi wants to make sure you have great care in your home within the first few days, weeks, and months into your postpartum time as a new family. Let her help support you by offering...

Following Services Included:

  • Prepared meals and food to be frozen or refrigerated

  • Breastfeeding help

  • Education on newborn infant cues

  • Caring for birth parent as they recover from birth

  • Processing the birth experience

  • Caring for baby during times when parents need to either rest, shower, eat, sleep, spend time with older siblings, or take a break

  1. Diaper Changing: cloth or regular diapers

  2. Putting baby down for a nap or to bed

  3. Bottle feeding

  4. Soothing baby

  5. Watching over baby

  • Light house cleaning (dishes, laundry, feeding animals, organizing living spaces, grocery shopping, running errands, clean sheets on parent's bed)

  • Making and providing herbal infusions

  • Preparing and implementing holistic healing for the birth parent (Sitz bath, Postpartum Vaginal Steams, Bone/Vegetable broth, etc...)

  • Draw the birth parent a warm bath or provide basic massage for emotional and physical relief

  • Breakfast in bed for both parents to sustain bonding with baby

  • Provide informational support and referrals out to other health care providers

  • Spend time with siblings so the birth parent and partner can bond with baby. Tending to sibling’s old routines and care to help stabilize some of the emotions that may arise from having a new family member in the home

  • Emotional support using Non Violent Communication, reflective listening, and remaining non judgmental

  • Supporting the birth parent’s individual and specific needs. Honoring their choices as the birth parent

  • Supporting the entire family unit as they transition with the new baby

  • Newborn circumcision care

  • Giving baby a bath

  • Newborn umbilical cord care

Postpartum Doula $ Fees$ Breakdown-

  • $25 an hour for day time shift

    $30 an hour for overnight shifts

  • 3 hours minimum for day time shifts and 8 hours minimum and maximum for overnight shifts


~“The First Forty Days” & “The Fourth Trimester” reflects the postpartum approach she will carry through with you~