Heidi is grateful to all the families she have served so far! Being alongside them on this journey has propelled her into being the person she has always wanted to be.


Helia and Daniel 

Helia~ Dear Heidi, thank you for coming alongside Daniel and I in preparation for the birth of our sweet Esther. Your heart for us was genuine and your desire to support us was pure. We believe your heart of love will continue to bring about great blessings as you pursue this career and we believe in you! We wish you all the best! Sincerely, Helia.

Daniel~ You've been designed with such a strong and beautiful heart! Thank you for being you and helping us be true to who we are and our desires in birth. It was beautiful seeing strength in tough moments, love in how you served us, and beauty in your confidence. Thank you for all the extras and staying with us in the tougher moments. I respect you, Daniel.

Bettina and Rob

Dear Heidi, thank you so much for all of your support, loving comfort and thoughtfullness while attending our birth. You are so good at what you do because you are very attentive to people's needs. You were such a comfort to our family. Love, Rob and Bettina + Izzy.



Sara and Kory

Kory~ Super excited to welcome our baby boy Nolan. He was born 9/13/17 at 4:15 AM. Weighing in at 8 pounds 6 ounces and 20 inches long. Couldn't be more proud of my wife for going all natural and saying no to the epidural and yes to the pain. Without our doula Heidi Long I highly doubt that would have been possible. She offered amazing support to my wife and me during this wild adventure.

Sara~ We cant say thank you enough for all your support and encouragement throughout the pregnancy and labor of our baby boy. During the pregnancy you helped Kory and I communicate more often to work more as a team and prepare for labor. All of your input was/is incredibly helpful. For the labor/delivery, we couldn't have done it without you- no exaggeration. Thank you for guiding Kory and offering advice through each contraction. Thank you especially for talking me through the most difficult contraction, which ultimately led to a natural delivery with no epidural. You were our rock throughout the entire labor and we are forever grateful. You are a phenomenal doula and we are so excited to see what you do with this special skill set. Thank you, Thank you! Love Kory and Sara. 

Theresa and Robert

Heidi has the experience we needed for our birth team and for me especially as a first-time mom.  When my partner and I first met Heidi, the thing that left a lasting impression on us and primarily helped us to decide that Heidi would be a best fit for us is her quiet yet steady confidence.  Heidi was calm, insightful, and supportive throughout our time together. I received a lot of information on childbirth during our 3 prenatal visits.  Heidi was very responsive to questions I had, and in particular when I was struggling.  I experienced prodromal labor for 5 days (and I was 10 days past my due date) and this took an unforeseeable emotional toll on me.  I was growing more aggravated as the days past.  Heidi visited one afternoon, we had a "woman's session" and talked about my childhood and relationship with my mom. We had a breakthrough.  I am forever grateful for the way Heidi is attuned and loving.  This allowed me to refocus and find the patience needed to wait for my baby. Our postpartum visits were very enjoyable.  We recalled the birth event and I received coaching for breastfeeding. Heidi was sensitive to my blocks and challenges and heard things I didn't say.  She is loving and listens closely.  Apart from this invaluable emotional support, Heidi is also a diligent researcher.  She found answers to my questions and offered suggestions for me to move through prodromal labor. Heidi met needs that I did not even fully realize I had.  Her experience, attentiveness, and instincts are swirled together in this wonderful combination of a person.  She also steps up and steps back in all the right moments.  We had time and space as we needed it.
I would recommend Heidi to all moms! My male partner did not have any familiarity with natural birth even though he had children already.  And honestly, he was a skeptic.  As we spent time with Heidi, he came to see her role within the birth team.  Heidi taught my partner about my needs and ways to support me.  Heidi also coached our family friend, the baby's godmother, on ways to support me. I can't imagine I would have done this without Heidi.  I am forever grateful.


Kelly~ Vaginal Steaming

I definitely see differences in my postpartum body this time around versus with my daughter and not vaginal steaming. My water weight left very fast. My swelling was down dramatically after just the first week and my bleeding hasn't been nearly as heavy as it was after I had my first daughter. My pelvic floor therapist could see and feel that the steaming worked well in my healing. Especially from my stitches! She said she couldn't even tell I had stitches and that I felt totally "normal" inside. Before when I saw her, I had a lot of scare tissue and it was pretty uncomfortable. This time post baby, it felt totally fine. She and I both agree the steaming had to have helped me heal this much in only 5 weeks. I am so thankful Megan and Marlee (my doulas) sent me your number! I'm so thankful our paths crossed. I believe in the work you are doing and feel it's so needed in women's health. Thank you for being you!! I'm so glad I steamed for my postpartum!! My whole body is smiling. 

Emily and Matt

We were so grateful for Heidi's support during the hospital birth of our second child.  We had Doula support with my first birth in the hospital, and without hesitation looked to hire one again.  Heidi was easy to work with:  organized, up front about what she could do to help, and very responsive to communication.  I especially appreciated her intuitive, open and caring demeanor and willingness to jump right in for whatever we needed.  We had one prenatal appointment with her in which she got to know our preferences, and taught us a huge variety of comfort measures that made us so much more confident during labor.  She even allowed my four year old daughter to join in the positions and massages, which made her feel so proud.  During labor, Heidi came to the hospital as soon as we needed her, jumped right in to complete our birth team with positive affirmations and advocacy.  My son was born into a hospital room full of love and support, and Heidi remained in contact and visited us after birth to debrief.  Heidi will meet you where you are, jump in with what you need and help you achieve a peaceful birth.


Ambreen and Khabab

Amazing experience. Heidi is one of a kind. She is super passionate and committed to her calling as a Doula. At first, I didn't know too much about having a Doula attend the birth. There was a lot of research until we finally decided that it was a great idea. Nevertheless, the process of interviewing a doula was daunting. We needed someone that we could fully trust to understand and help us carry our wishes through. Heidi was that person. As a person, Heidi is caring and truly passionate. She is someone to really get into the details, but she does so in a very natural way. She won my trust from the start. She has a very calm demeanor and a very confident personality. She talks with conviction and she transfers that conviction to the people around her. As a Birth Doula, Heidi is simply amazing. She knows a lot of techniques and seems to have a storage full of information and past experiences that she uses to help. I trusted that she would know what to do in any situation, and that's exactly what happened. She knew what to do when I had no idea and she was quick to act. Her actions were always soothing and calming. Heidi is not a clock watcher. She takes time to explain everything during each prenatal visit. She answered all questions with great detail. She would always say, "let's practice together right now" instead "oh that's going to take too long to do, practice on your own and we'll go over it next time." She spent time with us, she really got to know us, she devoted time and energy, and that went a long way. I highly recommend Heidi for the reasons I've stated above and for many more that might just be too many to list. Get Heidi as your Doula if you really want to feel like your wishes will be honored and your needs met.


Jennifer Angell~ Angell Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Heidi is incredibly passionate and devoted to her calling as a birth worker.  She is constantly striving to learn new techniques and educate herself on how she can better serve her families.  She reached out to me as a fellow Birth Doula, and we quickly became friends.  I instantly realized that Heidi puts huge importance on advancing her knowledge and that she is always striving to learn more.  She sat in on my 12 session Bradley Method class and Breastfeeding class to add more "tools" to her Doula toolbox.  Heidi has a calm, soothing, loving demeanor, which goes a long way to comfort mothers as they journey through childbirth.  Heidi also encouraged me to look into vaginal steaming, which I absolutely LOVE!  She very patiently took my health history and customized an herbal blend for my exact needs.  I wholeheartedly recommend Heidi as a Birth Doula,  Vaginal Steam Therapist, and Postpartum Support Specialist!


Heidi~ Vaginal Steaming

My personal experience with Vaginal Steaming is profound. I found out about the practice from one of my Midwife colleagues one day and decided to look into it because I had such a disconnect from my womb space. I had been struggling with pain during sexual intercourse most of my adult life, a cycle that ranged from 35 - 45 days, vaginal dryness, and reoccurring vaginal yeast infections for two years. I was eating really healthy and exercising all the time but nothing made a difference in my vaginal health. I was also on the Nuva ring which added to the reoccurring vaginal yeast infections. When ever I chose to be sexual with my partner, I struggled with sexual stamina due to the pain I felt all the time. I thought it had to do with my inability to relax during sex and open my mind to allow myself to connect deeply with my partner. I was always beating myself up, scared to have a fulfilling sexual life, and taking pregnancy tests during every cycle since my period was always “late”. Pregnancy scares are not good for mental and emotional health over a long period of time. I was a mess every month since I didn’t know when I would be starting my period. The day after I started steaming, sex was a completely different experience for me. I no longer had to worry about vaginal dryness, pain, or having low sexual stamina with my partner! After completing my short vaginal steam protocol to heal my vaginal yeast infections, I have not had a vaginal yeast infection since. After 3 months of steaming, my cycles remain a steady 28 to 31 days. I can always tell when I am ovulating and when I am about to bleed. Also after steaming for about 2 weeks, my sense of well being in this world lifted. I felt a sense of calm and happiness that was sustained:)

Julie~ Vaginal Steaming


My physical and emotional recovery postpartum has definitely been both more quick and smooth with the help of vaginal steaming (compared to my first postpartum recovery).  The process is simple and doesn't take much time.  It was a ritual I looked forward to each day.  Steaming imparted an overall sense of calm and warmth and definitely helped to relax my whole self.  Heidi's service is attentive and personalized and she makes the process easy to access in the very busy time that follows birth. Also, the acupuncturist I work with has been impressed with the quality/strength of my pulses on recovery from birth and is curious about vaginal steaming.